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Note: Retired after 50 years of practice. Now Inactive.

Paternity Lawyers | Ventura | Los Angeles | Woodland Hills

We are paternity lawyers, serving clients in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. If you have a child but were not married to the other parent, and wish to establish child custody, visitation, support and attorney's fee orders, or get served with a request for such orders, come to our Woodland Hills office for Mr. Conviser's expert legal advice and unbundled legal services.

Warner Center Law Offices’ family law attorney, Donald F. Conviser, helps men and women resolve issues related to paternity. Paternity is the legal determination that a man is the father of a child. Paternity matters can involve a complex assortment of legal issues, including:

  • Filing a paternity action in court to establish paternity and its rights and obligations
  • Differentiating the rights of a biological father, a “presumed father” and an “assumed father”
  • Petitioning the court to request custody or visitation rights
  • Arranging a DNA test to determine or disprove paternity
  • Negotiating or litigating the amount of child support
  • Collecting back child support (arrearages)

Warner Center Law Offices’ attorney, Donald F. Conviser, assists both men and women in establishing or refuting the paternity of a child. Where one party alleges that a person is the biological father of a child and the parties are not married, paternity needs to be determined before the court can award child support to the mother or visitation or custody to the father.

"I will forever be grateful to Donald for the precious time I have been granted to spend with my daughter, all thanks to the great work of Donald Conviser." - RAR

Whether you are the mother, father, or alleged biological father, we can assist you in the paternity process and help you assert your rights, determine the parental responsibilities of the parties involved, or refute the opposing party’s paternity claim.

The Law Offices of Donald F. Conviser, Warner Center Law Offices, in Woodland Hills, California, is a boutique law firm serving men and women throughout Los Angeles & Ventura Counties who seek to resolve paternity issues.

Unbundled Paternity Services | Ventura | Los Angeles

We provide unbundled paternity services to people in Divorce and Family Law cases in the Courts of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. If you choose to represent yourself, but need, or get served with an RFO (Request for Order)in a Paternity case seeking Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support and/or Attorney's fees, we can provide you Unbundled Legal Services to assist you in strategizing and conceptualizing your case, as well as drafting, filing and serving your RFO or Responsive Declaration and associated documents, seeking and obtaining relevant evidence and witnesses, preparing your testimony and witness testimony and cross-examination for the hearing, authenticating documents, laying foundation for admission of documents and evidence, and preparing you to have a successful hearing.

Limited Scope Paternity Representation | Los Angeles | Ventura

We no longer provide limited scope representation. If you represent yourself in a Paternity case and realize that you are inadequately equipped to testify at a hearing, we can provide you referrals to Limited Scope Attorneys who can assist you on a limited scope basis and appear at the hearing with you.

Full Service Paternity Representation | Los Angeles | Ventura

We no longer provide full-service Paternity representation. If you desire full service representation, we can provide you referrals to attorneys offering representation on a Full-Service basis who will handle all aspects of your case from start to finish.

Warner Center Law Offices’ attorney, Donald F. Conviser, has practiced family law in California for more than 40 years. His knowledge and ability to navigate the nuances of paternity laws can help you attain your objectives.

Offering a Powerful, Efficient, Successful Approach to Paternity. E-mail us or Call 818.880.8990 or 888.616.0659 | Free telephone consultation.

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