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Child support in California is determined according to state-mandated calculations. Some flexibility may be allowed — for example, if a child has special needs or in the case of economic hardship. Sometimes, the assistance of a forensic accountant is required to accurately determine a parent's income.

If you need Child Support or get served with a Child Support request in a Los Angeles or Ventura County case, come to our Woodland Hills office for Mr. Conviser's expert legal advice and unbundled legal services.

At the Warner Center Law Offices of Donald F. Conviser in Woodland Hills, we take a thorough and methodical approach to all family law matters including child support. We excel at finding creative solutions to complex problems in order to meet the needs of our clients, including financial matters.

Child Support | Unbundled Legal Services | Los Angeles | Ventura

If you are representing yourself, and need Child Support or get served with an RFO (Request for Order) seeking Child Support in a Los Angeles or Ventura County case, we can provide you Unbundled Legal Services to assist you in strategizing and conceptualizing your RFO or Responsive Declaration, as well as drafting, filing and serving documents appropriate to that matter, obtaining evidence and witnesses to support your case, and preparing you and your witnesses for the hearing.

Child Support | Limited Scope Representation | Ventura | Los Angeles

If you represent yourself, but need Child Support or get served with an RFO seeking Child Support in a Ventura or Los Angeles case, if you realize that you are inadequately equipped to deal with it, we can provide you referrals to Limited Scope Representation, to draft, file and serve documents appropriate to that matter, obtain evidence and witnesses, prepare you and your witnesses for the hearing, and appear at the hearing on your behalf to present and argue your case.

Child Support | Full Service Representation | Los Angeles | Ventura

If you need Child Support or get served with an RFO seeking Child Support in a Los Angeles or Ventura case, we can refer you to Family Law counsel to represent you on a Full-Service basis, who will handle all aspects of your case from start to finish.

Do you have questions regarding child support? Please contact our law firm in Woodland Hills today. Talk to a California family law attorney who has the answers and knows what to do.

Several principles are taken into consideration when determining child support in California, including:

  • Child support orders should minimize disparities in the children's living standards between the two homes.
  • Child support orders are based on two primary factors:
    •  the respective incomes of each parent
    • the time-share percentage that each parent has with the child.
  • Child support must be paid until a child reaches 18 and graduates from high school or reaches the age of 19, whichever occurs first.
  • Certain additional factors may affect the amount of child support ordered, including:
    • Financial hardship
    • A parent's need to support minor children of other relationships
    • Health problems of a parent(s) or a child
    • Child care expenses of a spouse in order to work or attain an education

 “I am awed by the effort and attention he gives to each and every detail, and how he stays on top of all aspects of the case. His mind is constantly working and he is VERY thorough, which gives me a great deal of security and confidence.” - KS

Child Support Modifications

Modifications in child support orders may be sought at any time based on a material change of circumstances — for example, if a child's needs increase or one parent experiences a job loss or an income increase.

The bases of child support and spousal support are different. A parent entitled to a child support modification is not necessarily entitled to a spousal support modification. Children of divorce are entitled to live a lifestyle in keeping with that of the higher-earner parent until the child reaches majority. In contrast, spousal support is pegged to the marital lifestyle of the couple before divorce. Thus, if the income of the payor increases following divorce, that increase may trigger the right to increased child support, but does not automatically trigger the right to an increase in spousal support. On the other hand, if the income of the payor decreases following divorce, the payor may be entitled to a reduction in both child support and spousal support.

Do you have questions or concerns about child support, spousal support, child custody or visitation? What is your timeshare of your children? How does your timeshare affect Child Support? How can you increase your timeshare? Is one parent hiding income or assets? Is a parent capable of working but choosing not to work or working only part time or below his or her capacity to work? Have circumstances changed since the last Child Support Order, and will the changes justify a change in Child Support? Are you owed back child support? How can you collect Child Support Arrearages? We can help. Contact The Warner Center Law Offices of Donald F. Conviser by phone or e-mail today.

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